FB2020+ CoreXY 3D Printer Kit


Reliability, Speed, Accuracy, Open Source – This sums up the FB2020 CoreXY 3D Printer.

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Reliability, Speed, Accuracy, Open Source

This sums up the FB2020+ CoreXY  3D Printer. We use these printers ourselves and wouldn’t sell the kits if we didn’t think they were up to snuff. Our FB2020s have run thousands of hours with very little down time. We print all the FB2020 printed parts on our FB2020s.


With a build volume of 200mm x 200mm x 270mm, the FB2020+’s heart is the tried and trusted RAMPS 1.4 & Arduino Mega running the Marlin Firmware. It has tried and trusted A4988 Stepper Drivers moving the motors . With an AxMod 3D Print Drakon Geared extruder powering the filament through the bowden tube into a Genuine E3D v6 Hot end. This makes for a winning combination. The heated bed is a glass sheet heated by the tried and trusted Mk2B PCB heater. All of this adds up to a reliable printer.


With the 32 bit upgrade, replacing the Arduino Mega for a Re-Arm 32 Bit controller running Smoothieware, the FB2020 can handle 150mm/s speeds without skipping a beat. The standard Arduino Mega, being 8 bit, can handle speeds up to 80mm/s

Low Maintenance Accuracy

Running the E3D v6 and the Drakon Geared Extruder, it’s smooth printing. The FB2020 is capable of layer heights of 60 Microns up to 500 Microns and can print pretty much any filament you can throw at it. Adding a sheet of Printbite with the Basic bed upgrade allows for a low maintenance bed with great adhesion. The Full bed upgrade uses the same Printbite sheet on top of a laser cut 6061 5mm thick Aluminium bed heated by a SSR switched Mains heater. This speeds heat up times and allows bed temperatures of up to 130°c.  Upgrading the Drakon Extruder to a SLS version gives even more piece of mind for smooth running.


Choose the colour of your printed parts, choose your extrusion colour, configure the printer how you want it to be.

Open Source

The FB2020, as with all our designs, is fully open source. Licenced under the CERN OHL v.2, all source files and build instructions are available on our Github at https://github.com/AxMod3DPrint/FB2020

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 400 x 400 x 300 mm


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