Drakon Geared Extruder – 1.75mm – SLS


Meet the SLS Drakon Geared Extruder. An accurate and reliable fully open source alternative to E3D’s Titan, while still being able to use full E3D Ecosystem along with any other Hot End that uses a standard groove mount.

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Note: The Drakon is currently only available for 1.75mm filament. A 3mm filament version will be available soon.


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Value, Reliability, Performance, Power

The Drakon has 3:1 gear reduction, fully SLS 3D Printed in Graphite infused nylon for high accuracy and trouble free performance.  The Gear ratio means that you’re able to use smaller, lighter motors while keeping the same pushing force as a standard non-geared extruder. For direct drive systems this means a lighter carriage, with less inertial mass, improving print quality. For Bowden systems running a standard sized motor means the Drakon becomes a power house of an extruder with all the power you’ll ever need to get your filament where it needs to go. In both Direct Drive and Bowden configurations you get the reliability and piece of mind to know that it’s not your extruder that’s going to fail. Being SLS 3D Printed in Graphite infused Nylon means smooth running, no snags, no fuss, no problems.


By increasing the gearing to 3:1, this triples the resolution, which can mitigate filament being extruded in pulses at slow speeds, which can result in a wavy surface finish, to give you a smooth surface finish. Note: This will not help other mechanical issues such as Z Wobble or Z Banding.


The Drakon has a fully supported filament path, which means it can print anything from flexibles, Carbonfills, metalfills and the hardest of filaments and beyond.

Universally easy to use

The Drakon strips down quickly with no need to remove the motor from it’s mounting, loosen the 3 bolts and just remove it from it’s mount. Remove the 8mm nut and bushing and that’s it, highly easy to maintain, should you need to take it apart for any reason. The Tensioner window allows you to easily see and set the tension quickly and precisely with no fuss. Easily mounted on a Direct Drive system as well as a Bowden.  For Bowden just add an optional Bowden coupler as a low-cost extra. Note: The Drakon is provided with 10mm long bolts to mount it to the motor. This allows for a 3mm thick mount in between the Drakon and the Motor.


Swap out the gears for SLS Graphite Nylon versions for extra smooth running or swap the body to the SLS version, while keeping all the hardware.   Choose your Hobbed gear, the Drakon will take any MK8 style hobb, from your basic cheap MK8 Hobb to an E3D HobbGoblin and any others. Configure it how you want to.

Open Source

The Drakon is fully open source. Licenced under the CERN OHL v 1.2, All source files are available on our Github at https://github.com/AxMod3DPrint/Drakon-Extruder

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 30 mm


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